VR开发资源下载 Unity仿真天气昼夜系统源码UniStorm v2.4

视界君-阿琳 2017-09-04 15:58:47

原标题:VR开发资源下载 Unity仿真天气昼夜系统源码UniStorm v2.4

资源名称:UniStorm v2.4

资源大小: 169.18MB


资源类型: .unitypackage

安装要求:要求Unity 5.2.2或更高版本

网盘下载地址:链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bDYR2Q 密码:vd82


unity仿真天气昼夜系统源码UniStorm v2.4

Requires Unity 5.2.2 or  higher.

UniStorm Desktop now includes UniStorm Mobile at no additional cost! This means you get both versions of UniStorm for the same great price. All previous buyers also get this update free of charge. Enjoy!
UniStorm 2.4 features a lot of improvements and awesome new features (A completely rewritten lightning system with Procedural Lightning, UniStorm Events, new API, and a new Auto Player Setup system just to name a few). To see all that UniStorm 2.4 has to offer, see the link below.

Full Release Notes   
UniStorm is an incredibly powerful dynamic day and night weather system that creates AAA quality dynamically generated weather, lighting, and skies all at a blazing fast fr ame rate. UniStorm features over 300 customizable components allowing users to create any environment imaginable. UniStorm supports most ……








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